How to Become a Real Sports Fan

Sunday, April 15, 2012
Following various sports such as basketball, can be a fun experience because of the sport and the players in general. People become fans because they like a particular sport, they either like to watch or like to play. Professional sports allows people to see who they want to be, how the best compete at something they love and much more. However, watching sports and playing it does not make you a true sports fan. It takes a while to be a real sports fan. Some people are die fan hard fans while others follow from time to time.

Here are several things that a real sports fan must do:

1) Follow on a consistent basis: When you follow your favorite sport, team or player on a consistent basis, you learn more about the game and you show that you care about what happens day in and day out. If you do not, it isn't a matter of time because this can be done in a few minutes.

2) Talk and think: When you are a real sports fan, you have to talk about the sport occasionally to others who share the same interest or who do not at all. Talking about sports shows that you really care about what happens. When you think about what happens as a result of certain events, it also proves that you are a real fan. Real fans are talkative about their sport when they have to be and take time to think about the sport.

3) Play the sport: Believe it or not, if you are able and you do not play the sport, it shows that you have not really incorporated the sport into your life. By playing the sport, you can compare yourself to the best players in the world, which shows how much you want to be there as well. Following the sport is not good enough because it shows that you cannot do the same.

4) Does something extra: When you really like a sport, you will also try to incorporate something different into your life. Such things include hobbies such as video games that have sports related themes and sports cards. When you participate in these activities, you also form a better bond. If you collect cards of your players, you will buy more occasionally from newer products. You will also follow the sport in further detail because your knowledge on the sport is vital to how well you do in these other activities. In the end, it keeps you another reason to love the game.

5) Length: You can not become a real sports fan by simply saying that you are one. The only way to prove that you are a real sports fan is to follow the sport intensely for a while. This time period should be at least 5 years. In this time period, you should really know a lot about the sport.

6) Learn: When you are a real sports fan, you are always learning new things about what is happening, such as rumors, games and much more. You should learn about various players, legends and stats because it helps you understand the game a little more.

7) Never lose faith: As a person and a fan, you can never lose faith in your sport. If something bad happens, you have to learn to stick it out and to be happy for what has happened. Even you are mad at the event of something, you have to understand that the sport is something that should be loved no matter what.


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